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Irish Cider made with 17 varieties of apples from all over Ireland. 56,8 cl.
568 ml
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Magners Cider

This Irish Cider is made using 17 varieties of apples from orchads from all over Ireland. In 1935, production of Magners Irish Cider began at Dowd's Lane, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary by the hand of William Magner.
 Clonmel “Cluain Meala” in gaelic means “The Valley of Honey”. The Brewery had previously belonged to the Murphy family. William brought along a cider press and a dozen oak barrels to take his first steps into making Magners Irish Cider. Today’s batches are made with the same original recipe.




How it is made

Magners is made with 100% natural ingredients. Apples are gathered in early October, when branches are gently shaken so that only ripe fruits drop to the ground. Cider is fermented using yeast strains from famed original oak vats at Dowd’s Lane dating back to 1935 and left to mature for up to 2 years. Then, cider is filtered, bottled and shipped around the world.




Tasting notes

Bright golden coloured and crystal clear. Apple aromas with hints of bourbon. On the mouth it is very refreshing, sweet and citric. Best served on the rocks. 4,5% ABV.



Sidra Irlandesa Magners  en Bodecall


Friday, 12 February 2016

Una Magners bien fría nunca defrauda. Es difícil conseguirla en España, al menos de venta a particulares.
Recibí el pedido rápidamente y en perfectas condiciones. Se entiende el precio de los gastos de envío.
Como petición: sería magnífico si dispusieran en algún momento de Magners de pera

Cristina M.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Riquísima cerveza de sidra, 4,5% de alcohol, para tomar muy fría

Pedro S. Román

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