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Premium liqueur made with belgian chocolate
Mozart Distillerie
70 cl
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Mozart Chocolate Cream en Bodecall


Mozart Chocolate Cream

Mozart Chocolate Cream is a Belgian milk chocolate liqueur, creamy and very aromatic. It is manufactured by Mozart Distillery, from Salzburg, in Austria. It is named after the great compositor Mozart, born there.




How it is made

This liqueur is made with the finest gourmet ingredients, such as cocoa from West Africa, fresh cream, conched Belgian dark chocolate, genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, granulated sugar and the middle cut of sugar beet distillate. The different cocoas and the Bourbon vanilla are macerated in beet sugar alcohol. Dark chocolate chocolate, sugar, cocoa and cream, to which cocoa butter has been added, are mixed together in a specific sequence. All of these ingredients are added in fixed quantities and worked at different temperatures. Mozart Chocolate Cream’s unique flavor and texture comes from this careful blending process. Mozart Chocolate Cream bottles are wrapped in gold paper, so each bottle is unique.




Tasting notes

On the nose, Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is fragrant with vanilla and chocolate notes. On the palate it’s creamy and sweet. As a chocolate drink, you may try it lightly chilled; it can be used in cocktails and in many dessert recipes, like ice creams, milkshakes, cupcakes, etc.



Mozart Distillery en Bodecall


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