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Smooth whisky liqueur infused with cherry.
70 cl
Whiskey Liqueur
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Dyc Red One en Bodecall


Dyc Red One

Dyc Red One is a whisky liqueur infused with cherry, smooth and with low alcohol content. Destilerías y Crianzas del Whisky (Dyc) was founded in 1958 in Palazuelos de Eremos, Segovia, by Nicomedes García and brothers Puigmal. Their goal was to make whisky in the Scottish style. This cherry infused whisky was born in 2012 for those that were after a smoother, more refined drink, as well as for rum lovers.




How it is made

Dyc Red One Cherry is made from distilled grain and aged in Armerican oak barrels for 3 years.




Tasting notes

Bright amber color. Aromas of fruits, cherry and oak. Smooth on the palate, with hints of cherries, whisky, fruits and camomile. Sharp cherry finish. 30% ABV.



Whisky Dyc en Bodecall


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