Larios 150 Premium Mediterranean Gin

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Premium gin created to celebrate the 150 anniversary of this Spanish gin brand.
70 cl


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Ginebra Larios 150 Aniversario en Bodecall


Gin Larios 150 Aniversario

Gin Larios 150 Aniversario is a special edition created to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Larios brand, born in 1866. This Premium gin is inspired by the fresh and pure air of the Mediterranean Sea, same as the very first gins made by this distillery. The design of the bottle is inspired in the original one from 1866.




How it is made

This gin has been made using the same traditional, handcrafted techniques that have been used for 150 years. Larios 150 is made with botanicals, such as juniper and citrus fruits, distilled in stills. This results in a well-balanced and delicate gin.




Tasting notes

Bright and transparent. Lively on the nose with complex aromas of juniper and citrus fruits like orange and lemond, as well as subtle notes of coriander. Well-rounded and smooth on the mouth, with a touch of juniper, coriander and nutmeg. Perfect mixed in a gin-tonic. 42% ABV.



Larios en Bodecall