Pacharán Etxeko

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Sloe brandy made from aniseed, sugar and fresh sloe fruits from fields in Navarra
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Pacharán Etxeko

Sloe brandy from Navarra made from aniseed, sugar and fresh sloe fruits from fields in Navarra, at a concentration of 220 gr per liter. The regulating body for Pacharán Navarro insists that most of the sloe fruits must be cultivated in local fields. Grupo La Navarra, was founded in 1831 in Viana, and it is owned by the Belasco family.




How it is made

The Patxarán is based on the Belasco Family’s traditional recipe. Sloe berries are left to macerate in alcohol for about 2 months. Then, sugar and aniseed are added and stirred. The resulting liqueur is filtered five times to remove impurities.




Tasting notes

Bright and clean cherry colour with brick red highlights. Aromas of fruits with hints of aniseed. Intense on the palate with a pleasant taste and notes of sloes, alcohol, aniseed and sugar. Best served chilled or on ice. 25% ABV.



  • 04-09-2017
    Color rosado un poco apagad,. buen aroma con expresión y fuerza de frutas. En boca es sabroso y...
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    José Pino
    Vigo - España
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