ODK Strawberry Fragola

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Fruity Mix. Gluten Free.
75 cl
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ODK Puré de Frutas de Fresa

Fruit puree very well balanced in aroma, flavour and body. Orsadrinks is an Italian company, born in Turín, in 1994, that exports its products to 16 different countries. ODK’s fruit purees are packaged in functional bottles with a specially designed bottle cap that replaces the traditional bottle for economy and convenience




How it is made

ODK’s secret formulas have been improved in line with changes in consumer tastes. ODK Fragola is ideal to mix into cocktails. The fruit is delicately crushed and double pasteurized with no addition of water. The result is a long lasting delicious concentrate. The amount needed to prepare a classic cocktail should not exceed 20 ml.




Tasting notes

This strawberry puree is ideal to add flavour and texture to almost any cocktail. Its natural flavours and aromas will turn your cocktails into gourmet drinks. It’s got aromas and flavours of sweet strawberrys. Ideal to mix with fruits, citric and herbs to make lemonades, teas, smoothies, cocktails, and more.



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