Gin Beefeater Crown Jewel

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London Dry Premium Gin made to the same recipe as Beefeater Original with the addition of grapefruit
1 L


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Gin Beefeater Crown Jewel en Bodecall


Gin Beefeater Crown Jewel

Gin Beefeater Crown Jewel is a London Dry Gin based on Beefeater Original’s standard mix of 9 botanicals, with the addition of grapefruit. Crown Jewel has a higher ABV, as it is 50% ABV compared to Beefeater’s usual 40%. This gin was originally launched in 1993 for the Duty Free market. In 2015 it was re-launched as a limited and numbered edition of 2000 bottles. This gin was created as a tribute to the crows that guard the Tower of London and the British Monarchy. The legend says that “If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall”. The names of the six resident ravens are imprinted on the side of every bottle.




Tasting notes

Intense aromas of citrus with notes of pine, juniper and spices. Well balanced with flavours of citrus, juniper, liquorice and white pepper. Refreshing finish. 50% ABV.



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