Stone Ruination Double IPA can

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Imperial IPA. 8,5%. 33 cl x 24 can pack.
United States
Nombre del operador
Stone Brewing
Dirección del operador
1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029
33 cl


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Stone Ruination Double IPA en Bodecall


Stone Ruination Double IPA

Stone Ruination is the first Double IPA brewed and bottled in the West Coast of the United States. The brewing process of this Imperial IPA has evolved over the years. Version 2.0 is made using dry hopping and hop bursting techniques. The term dry hopping refers to any hop addition after the wort has been cooled and hop bursting is used to add a massive amount of hops at the end of the boil and whirlpool stages to maximize all the aromas and flavours of the hops. The result is a vibrant and unique craft beer. Stone Brewing is a brewery located in Escondido, California. It is largest brewery in Southern California and the ninth largest brewery in the United States.




Tasting notes

Pale golden colour with cream coloured head of foam. Aromas of hops with notes of fruits, melon, tropical fruits and citrus. Hoppy flavours with hints of tropical fruits, melon and citrus. Medium body with a dry and bitter finish. 8,5% ABV.



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