San Miguel 0,0 Alcohol Free Beer

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Alcohol-free beer Pale Lager style. 33 cl
San Miguel
33 cl
Sin alcohol
Nombre del operador
Mahou S.A.
Dirección del operador
Calle Titán 15, 28045, Madrid


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San Miguel 0,0 Alcohol Free

San Miguel 0.0% is a Spanish non-alcoholic lager, with a herbal aroma, hints of cereals and a mild, very pleasant taste. This non-alcoholic version of the classic San Miguel beer is brewed with top-quality hops and 100% barley malt by a process that controls time and temperature. The result is a non-alcoholic lager with all the properties and flavour of its alcoholic version. Ideal for those who do not want or cannot drink alcohol.


Cervezas San Miguel

The origin of this beer dates back to 1890, when the entrepreneur Enrique Maria Berretto de Ycaza founded a brewery in the San Miguel district of Manila, Philippine Islands. In 1953 San Miguel moved to Spain and opened a brewery in Lérida. In 1957 the company Fábricas de Cerveza y Malta, S.A. was born. San Miguel opened a second brewery in Malaga in 1966. Today, San Miguel belongs to the Mahou-San Miguel brewing group and its beers are sold all over the world.


Tasting notes

Golden colour and creamy and dense foam. Light aroma of cereal, herbs and hops. Pleasant flavour of medium intensity with a slightly bitter finish. Alcohol free.



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