Cruzcampo 0,0 Alcohol-Free Beer

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Alcohol-free lager. 33 cl can
33 cl
Sin alcohol
Nombre del operador
Heineken España S.A.
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Avenida de Andalucía 1, 41007, Sevilla(España)


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Cruzcampo 0,0 Alcohol Free

Cruzcampo 0.0% is a Spanish Lager, brewed with natural ingredients of the highest quality and without any alcohol. It is the perfect non-alcoholic beer for those who don’t drink alcohol. It is brewed using water, barley malt, hops and yeast. The result is a light and refreshing lager, with all the flavour of the classic Cruzcampo beer. This non-alcoholic beer was launched in 2017.


Cervezas Cruzcampo

Cruzcampo is a beer brand created in 1904 by brothers Tomás and Roberto Osborne in Seville. They opened a brewery near a river withwater with optimal characteristics for the beer-making process. This river had similar characteristics to the Czech river Pilsen. The factory was located to the east of the city, near a temple with a cross known as the Cruz del Campo. This temple was the one that inspired the name of the company.


The first Cruzcampo beer was released in 1904 and it was brewed with a unique yeast strain. Since the year 2000, Cruzcampo belongs to the Dutch brewing company Heineken International, through its subsidiary Heineken Spain. Cruzcampo beers are exported to more than 30 countries.


Tasting notes

Bright golden colour with white, dense foam. Aromas of malt and hops. Smooth and very balanced flavour, with sweet and bitter hop notes, very refreshing. Alcohol free.



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