Daura Damm Sin Gluten Gluten Free

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Spanish Gluten-Free Lager. 5,4% ABV, 33 cl.
Estrella Damm
33 cl
Pale Lager
Filtrar Sin Gluten
Sin Gluten


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Cerveza Estrella Daura en Bodecall

Estrella Daura Gluten-Free

Estrella Daura is a Spanish Gluten-Free Lager with a gluten level of less than 3 ppm (parts per million gluten). Most health authorities define gluten-free products as containing less than 20 parts per million gluten, so Daura beer is well below the established limit.


As a result, this product meets the standards for gluten-free certification. Daura has been brewed by Grupo Damm since 2006 and it is sold in more than 45 countries. This Pilsen beer is very aromatic and has a smooth and refreshing flavour.



Daura is the world's most award-winning gluten-free beer. Some of the awards includes:
  • Award for the best gluten-free beer at World Beer Awards in London 2008, 2009 and 2011.
  • Gold medal (best gluten-free beer) at World Beer Championship in Chicago 2011.
  • Gold medal (best gluten-free beer) at International Beer Challenge in London 2011.


Tasting Notes

Golden colour with persistent foam. Aromas of hops and yeast. Fresh and smooth taste with a fruity flavour and a nice bitter finish. Alcohol content: 5.4% ABV.



Estrella Daura en Bodecall