Victoria 33 cl

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Pale lager made in Málaga, smooth and refreshing, 4,8%. 33 cl x 24 pack
33 cl
Nombre del operador
Cervezas Victoria 1928, S.L.
Dirección del operador
Avda. Velázquez, 215, 29004 Málaga

GTIN: 8410793221933

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Victoria Beer

Pilsen beer, smooth, light and refreshing. This Spanish Pale Lager is proud to be from Málaga: its slogan reads "malagueña y exquisita" (exquisite beer from Málaga). It is brewed using the traditional process of slow aging with a minimum of twelve days of rest. The result is a blonde beer with a golden colour, fine bubbles and a very balanced flavour with hints of cereals.


Beer from Málaga

This beer was born on 8 September 1928, the day of the “Virgen de la Victoria”, the patron saint of Málaga. It was then that the Franquelo family opened their first brewery in the El Perchel district of Malaga. During the Spanish Civil War, the brewery had to close and resumed its activity in 1937. It was then that the brand created its iconic ad with a German tourist wiping his sweat off his brow and the famous slogan. During the tourist boom of the sixties, Victoria beers enjoyed great popularity, production was increased and the alcohol content was changed. In 1968 the brewery moved to the Intelhorce industrial area and finally in 2017 a new brewery was opened and equipped with a cultural space.


Tasting notes

Yellow colour, clean and bright with persistent foam. Malty and yeasty aroma. Refreshing and light flavour with a mild bitterness. Alcohol content: 4.8% abv.



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