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American Barley Wine, 10,5%. 33 cl x 9 pack.
Zeta Beer
33 cl
Barley Wine
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My Name was Barack en Bodecall


My Name Was Barack

My Name was Barack is an American Barley Wine style beer, aged for 6 months in oak barrels that previously contained Requena red wine. This limited edition beer is part of the Modernly Aged Beer Series, as it is a special brew limited to 1000 litres. It is brewed with Pilsen, Munich, Special W, Caraamber and Caramunich malts and Chinook hops using traditional methods. Zeta Beer is a brewery located in Valencia dedicated to the production of high quality unfiltered and unpasteurized natural craft-beers.




Tasting notes

Amber colour with dark highlights. Very well balanced and full bodied with complex flavours and intense notes of malt and red wine. 10% ABV.



Zeta Beer en Bodecall


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cerveza con crianza en barricas de vino tinto. Sublime

Fernando Calderón

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