Barceló Imperial Rum 70 cl

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Premium rum aged in new Bourbon oak casks from 6 to 12 years.
Dominican Republic
70 cl

GTIN: 796020100515

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Ron Barceló Imperial en Bodecall


Ron Barceló Imperial

Barceló Rum is born from the dream of two Spanish brothers from Majorca, Julián and Andrés Barceló, who arrived in Santo Domingo in 1929 to follow their dream of making the best rum in the world. Since then, they have become expert rum blenders that combine traditional, handcrafted techniques with contemporary processes.




How it is made

Ron Barceló Imperial is aged at a controlled temperature and humidity. This rum is made from refined juice of sugar cane distilled in stills. Aging takes place in new Bourbon oak casks from 6 to 12 years.




Tasting notes

Dark colour with bronze and golden highlights. Aromas of liquorice, caramel and honey. Sett and smooth on the palate with a long and slightly fruity finish. Best served straight or on the rocks. 38% ABV.



Ron Barceló en Bodecall

  • 29-08-2017
    Ron Barceló Imperial,aroma a helado de vainilla, fruta seca, higos, dátiles y caramelo. Matices...
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    Tarragona - España
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