Cacique Añejo Superior Rum 70 cl

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Triple distilled blend of up to 47 different rums aged for 24 months.
70 cl

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Ron Cacique

Cacique Ron Añejo Superior is a golden blended Premium rum made in Venezuela. This rum was first marketed in 1959. Its name Cacique means ‘chief of the tribe’ in Spanish, as in the tribes in Venezuela the Chief was the one who had the privilege of sharing the rum. Nowadays, Cacique is owned by Diageo, a multinational beer, wine and spirits company.




How it is made

This rum is a blend of up to 47 different rums, made of sugar cane molasses and pure spring water, and aged for about 24 months is white oak casks. The rum is distilled three times in copper pot stills in the brand’s distilleries located in the jungle, as the external climate allows excellent results.




Tasting notes

Bright golden colour with amber hues. Intense and smooth aromas with notes of wood. Very well balanced on the palate. Best served chilled, on the rocks or mixed in soft drinks. 37,5% ABV.



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