Calvados Pere Magloire Fine 70 cl

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Apple brandy distilled from cider and aged in century-old oak casks.
Pere Magloire
70 cl


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Calvados Pere Magloire Fine

French apple brandy distilled from cider and aged in century-old oak casks, to enhance its fresh and fruity flavours. It is produced by Debrise-Dulac, founded in 1821. Their calvados are sold all over the world.




How it is made

Apples are carefully harvested by hand. Cider is made and distilled in copper stills. Aging takes place in in century-old oak casks. The Cellar Master carefully chooses the finest barrels destined for the ageing of his distilled spirits. He is in charge of preserving the identity of Calvados Père Magloire year after year.





  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2014. Silver Medal
  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge de Nueva York, 2014. Finalist.
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition, Londres, 2012. Outstanding Medal.




Tasting notes

Pale amber with golden highlights. Fresh aromas of apples. Distinct fruity flavour pleasing to all palates. Best served chilled, on the rocks, or mixed in cocktails. 40% ABV.



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