Artemi Aniuska Caramel Vodka

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Delicious caramel flavoured vodka
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Artemi Aniuska Caramel Vodka

Artemi is a spirit manufacturer from the Canary Islands with a long tradition in the sector. Their vodka Artemi Aniuska is a smooth caramel flavored vodka with a perfect balance between sweet and savoury.



How it is made

This drink is made from the blend different caramels and neutral vodka. Vodka Caramel Aniuska is manufactured with great attention to detail and offers a delicious drink that will satisfy lovers of flavored vodka.



Tasting notes

This is a balanced drink, smooth and intense at the same time. It is fresh and persistent in the nose, with a strong caramel aroma and a dark golden color. In spite of its 24% ABV it is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. Best served cold or on the rocks.



Vodka Caramelo Artemi Aniuska Caramel Vodka



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