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Flavoured malt beverage. 3,5%. 275 ml. x 24 pack.
275 ml
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Smirnoff Ice Original

Smirnoff Ice is a flavoured malt beverage with citrus taste, made with a base of original Smirnoff vodka. Due to its low alcohol content, this refreshing pre-mixed vodka can be served on its own. Smirnoff is a distillery founded in 1864 by Piotr Arsenieyevich Smirnov. Nowadays it is owned by the multinational Diageo. Its products are present in more than 180 countries.




Tasting notes

Cloudy white color. Aromas of citrus with hints of lemonade, lime and grapefruit. Refreshing taste of grapefruit and lemonade. Zesty finish. It can be served on its own with ice, or mixed in original cocktails. 3,5% ABV.



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