Gin Ampersand

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London Dry Gin made with the finest selected botanicals.
70 cl


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Gin Ampersand en Bodecall


Gin Ampersand

Gin Ampersand is a fresh London Dry Gin with a great citrus taste, made with the finest selected botanicals such as juniper, cilantro, angelica, pepper and hand-peeled sun-dried orange and lemon peels. This gin is distilled four times to achieve a greater purity. It is made in England by Grupo Osborne and bottled in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz.




Tasting notes

Transparent and clean. Intense aromas of citrus. Smooth and pleasant on the mouth, with hints of fruits and citrus. Slightly spicy finish. Serve in a high and wide glass previously cooled with ice. Perfect to mix in gin tonics. 40% ABV.



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