Gin Mombasa Club Strawberry

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London Dry Gin, tri-distillate, infused with real strawberries and red fruits
70 cl


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Gin Mombasa Club Strawberry en Bodecall


Gin Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition

Mombasa Club Strawberry is a flavoured London Dry gin, infused with strawberries and other red fruits. This triple-distilled Premium gin is made from the finest selected botanicals. Mombasa Club is an English company named a private club founded in 1885 in Mombasa, Kenya, a colony from the British Empire. At the time, Kenya had the most important port in East Africa. The club developed a reputation for having very strict membership policies and the gin was served only to the club’s members.




Tasting notes

Clean and bight pink color. Subtle aromas of strawberries with notes of red fruits. Flavours balance between sweetness and acidity with bold fruity notes. Ideal to mix with tonic wáter and ice. 37,5% ABV.



Mombasa Club en Bodecall

  • 04-09-2017
    Mombasa Club Stramberry es de bonito color rosáceo muy pálido con aroma a fruta de hueso y fruta...
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    José Pino
    Vigo - España
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