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Liqueur made from citrus and fruit juices, flavored with vanilla and other aromatic herbs and spices.
Licor 43
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Classic Liqueur
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Licor Cuarenta y Tres

Classic Premium liqueur from Spain made in Cartagena. Its recipe was inspired by an ancient Roman elixir called Liqvor Mirabilis from the Carthago Nova period. This liqueur had wonderful health benefits.


In 1946, the ancient recipe was recreated by the Zamora family, with the original 43 botanical ingredients. This liqueur had a great commercial success during the 60s thanks to the Spanish tourist boom.




How it is made

The recipe of Licor Cuarenta y Tres is a secret closely guarded by the Zamora family. The botanical ingredients and Mediterranean fruits are left to macerate in alcohol. Then aging takes place for some months. Once matured, it’s exposed to subzero temperatures, and micro-filtered. The result is a sweet and delicious liqueur.





Tasting notes

Clean pale golden colour. Aromas of honey, spices and fruits. Sweet on the mouth with notes of honey, vanilla and caramel. It is perfect stragith, on the rocks or mixed in cocktails, with coffee, juices or soft drinks. 31% ABV.


Licor 43 DEW en Bodecall


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