Francisco Montero Rum 70 cl

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Limited edition rum that celebrates the brand’s 50th annyversary. Aged for 10 years.
70 cl


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Ron Francisco Montero en Bodecall


Ron Francisco Montero

Limited edition rum created to celebrate the brand’s 50th annyversary. Only 7000 bottles are released each year. This reserve rum is made with the finest aguardiente and sugar cane distillate. The aging process takes places for 10 years, using the “Soleras and Criaderas” system, in American oak barrels. Ron Montero is a family distillery founded by Francisco Montero in Motril, in 1963. They produce high quality rum using artisanal production techniques.




Tasting notes

Amber colour with golden hues. Aromas of sugar coated fruit, dried fruits and smoke. Silky on the palate, smooth and very well balanced. Best served straight or on the rocks. 40% ABV.



Ron Montero en Bodecall