Southern Comfort 70 cl

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Whiskey liqueur made by an infusion of fruit, spice and whisky flavours.
United States
Southern Comfort
70 cl
Whiskey Liqueur

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Whiskey Southern Comfort en Bodecall


Licor de Whiskey Southern Comfort

Smooth and fruity American whisky liqueur created by M.W. Heron in 1860, in New Orleans. Heron worked as a bartender in a bar and decided to create a smoother whisky than what was usual at the time. He gathered a few fruits and spices, mixed them with whiskey and began selling it in sealed bottles with the slogan "None Genuine But Mine". This liqueur became popular very quickly.




How it is made

In its origins, the recipe of Southern Comfort included a tiny amount of American whiskey. Nowadays, it is made with neutral grain spirit instead, used to macerate fruits and spices. Its main ingredient is the apricot. This whiskey liqueur has become smoother with time, and these days it is a much more fine and delicate product with a great taste.





Tasting notes

Golden colour with copper highlights. Fresh and fruity on the nose with great balsamic and herbal notes. Warm and sweet on the palate. Long finish with citrus notes. Best served straight, on the rock or mixed in a drink. Ideal mixed in cocktails like the Scarlet O’hara.


Southern Comfort en Bodecall