Imperial Gold Vodka

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Super-Premium Russian vodka made with the soft waters of Lake Ladoga.
Imperial Collection
70 cl


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Imperial Gold Vodka

Imperial Gold Vodka was created in 1721 to celebrate the crowning of the Emperor of Russia Peter the Great. This sophisticated and elegant vodka is still made using the same recipe from the Petrine-era with honey and lime tree flower infusion. Imperial Gold is distilled using the finest rectified alcohol and the purest Lake Lagoda water. This stunning vodka undergoes a 12 stage purification process that uses gold-threaded filters and it is enriched by 24-carat gold ions. The bottle is decorated with 99% pure gold and made with pharmacy glass, to preserve the vodka’s full flavour. Lagoda Group was founded in 1995 in Saint Petersburg. Nowadays, its products are sold in more than 40 countries and it is one of the most important distillers in Russia.




Tasting notes

lean and transparent colour. Smooth aromas of cereals and spices. Very well balanced and creamy on the palate with hints of vanilla and almonds. Spicy finish. 40% ABV.



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