Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Nº4 1 L

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Released in 2015 and dedicated to Jess Gamble, who held the position for just two years.
United States
Jack Daniel's
1 L
American Whiskey

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Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller nº4

This is a special edition of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky that belongs to the Master Distiller series dedicated to honour each of the seven Master Distillers at Jack Daniel's who have supervised the making of whiskey during its 150 years of existence. Number four was released in 2015 and it is dedicated to Jess Gamble, who held the position for just two years.





Jessie C. “Jess” Gamble was the first head distiller to come from outside Jack’s family. Also, he wasn’t born in Lynchburg and didn’t drink alcohol. He was born on December 21, 19401 and was orphaned at an early age. He begun to work at Jack Daniel’s on June 6, 1948, and worked here for the rest of his life. In 1964 Lem Trolley, third Master Distiller, was arrested and Jess Gamble was handed over his position in appreciation for his commitment. He served as Master Distiller for just two years, as he retired on June 1, 1966.




Tasting notes

Dark gold colour. Toasted aromas of spicy vanilla with hints of caramel, mocha, tobacco, ripe banana and ginger bread. Slightly spicy on the mouth with sweet notes of corn, butter, mocha, banana, coffee and pepper.



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