GINSIN Strawberry Non-alcoholic Gin

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Strawberry infused non-alcoholic gin
70 cl

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GINSIN Strawberry

GINSIN Strawberry is a non-alcoholic spirit made from infused strawberries. It is perfect mixed in cocktails or in G&T. This Premium gin is a low-calorie and non-alcoholic alternative for those who wish to enjoy gin in its full flavour without the effects of alcohol. Industrias Espadafor was founded over 80 years ago, and at first it was a company specialized in local wines. Nowadays, it produces sodas and non-alcoholic spirits.




Notas de Cata

Bright and clean light-pink colour with amber streaks. Citrus aromas with persistent notes of strawberries and juniper. Sweet flavour of strawberries with a hint of juniper. It can be served in a gin-tonic or mixed in a wide variety of cocktails as a gin-substitute Alcohol free.



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