GINSIN Tangerine Non-alcoholic Gin

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Tangerine infused non-alcoholic gin, ideal to mix in g&t and a wide variety of cocktails
70 cl

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GINSIN Tangerine Non-alcoholic en Bodecall


GINSIN Tangerine

GINSIN Tangerine is a non-alcoholic spirit made from infused tangerines. It is ideal to have in G&T or mixed in cocktails a substitute of gin. It is a refreshing and drink, perfect to have if you want to enjoy gin in its full flavour, with a citrus touch, and without the effects of alcohol. Industrias Espadafor was founded over 80 years ago in Granada. Nowadays it is a company specialized in the production of sodas and non-alcoholic spirits.




Tasting notes

Bright orange colour with yellow hues. Aromas of tangerines with hints of juniper. Citrus flavour, sweet and acid, with a juniper finish. It can be enjoyed in Gin and Tonic or mixed in cocktails. Alcohol Free.



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