Zeta Hell

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Bavarian Helles, 5,5%. 33 cl x 12 pack
Zeta Beer
33 cl
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Zeta Hell

Zeta Hell is a smooth and refreshing lager Bavarian Helles style, brewed with Pilsen (Spain) and Carahell (Germany) malts, Hallertauer (Germany) and aromatic Mosaic (USA) hops. Helles or Hell is a traditional German pale lager beer, full-bodied and mildly sweet with low bitterness. Zeta Beer is a microbrewery located in Valencia, founded in 2013 with the aim of brewing unfiltered and unpasteurized beers of the highest quality using only natural ingredients.




Tasting notes

Pale yellow colour with golden highlights and creamy head of foam. Smooth and very well-balanced flavours with hints of fruits. 5,5% ABV.



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