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Dark Lager Münchener brewed with three different types of malt, 5,4%. 33 cl x can pack
Voll Damm
33 cl


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Bock-Damm is a Dark Lager Münchener brewed using natural ingredients including a blend of three different types of malt. The roasted malt gives Bock Damm its distinctive colour and its toasted aroma and taste, with hints of cocoa and coffee. Caramel malt gives the beer flavours that are reminiscent of caramel, raisins and honey. Pilsen malt provides the sugar for fermentation and gives the beer a slightly sweet cereal flavour. The result is a delicious and robust and dark beer, complex, sweet and pleasant.


Grupo Damm

Bock-Damm was brewed for the first time in 1888. The Munich style first appeared in the 14th century. Duke Maximilian I set up his own brewery in Munich with the master brewer from Einbeck, Elias Pichler. Thanks to his brewing knowledge, Munich style was born and this city became a brewing benchmark.


Damm was founded in Barcelona in 1876 by August Kuentzmann Damm, who moved to Barcelona from the Alsace. Nowadays, it is one of the most important brewing companies in Spain. Its beers are sold in many countries around the world.


Tasting notes

Dark amber colour with creamy and persistent foam. Aromas of cocoa, malt and chocolate. Sweet taste of caramel, chocolate, cocoa and cereals. Slightly bitter finish. 25 IBUs. 5.9% ABV.



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