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Pale lager, smooth and refreshing, 4,8%. 33 cl. Can
33 cl
Nombre del operador
Cervezas Victoria 1928, S.L.
Dirección del operador
Avda. Velázquez, 215, 29004 Málaga


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Victoria Beer

Victoria is an iconic Spanish lager beer brewed in Málaga. It has a fresh and smooth taste. Its history has always been linked to the city of Malaga. Its slogan reads: "malagueña y exquisita" (Exquisite beer from Málaga).



Beer from Málaga

The history of Cervezas Victoria begun on 8 September 1928, in the district of El Perchel, Málaga. In 1936, due to the Spanish Civil War, the factory was forced to close. It opened again in 1937. Soon after, the design of the typical German tourist of the 1960s wiping the sweat from his brow was created. This design would be used on the label of each bottle and it would become a symbol for the city of Malaga.


Thanks to the tourist boom of the 1960s, Victoria beers enjoyed great success, which led to the need to expand the brewery and its facilities. In 2017, Cervezas Victoria opened a new, spacious and modern brewery.


Tasting notes

Clean golden colour with a white crown of medium foam. Fresh and lively aroma. Slightly bitter and sour flavour with notes of roasted malt. Lingering finish. Alcohol content: 4.8% abv.



Victoria Beer - Bodecall

  • 06-10-2021
    Muy buena cerveza!! La experiencia de compra resulta sencilla
    Madrid - España
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