Gin 1947 Naranja Amarga

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Artisan Gin made of Sevillian bitter orange, following a classic recipe from 1947.
Gin 1947
70 cl


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Gin 1947 Naranja Amarga en Bodecall


Gin 1947 Naranja Amarga

Aromatic and pleasant flavoured gin made following a classic recipe from 1947, with the finest natural selected ingredients from Seville. The botanicals used are left to macerate for several days and then distilled in 100 year old copper stills. Destilerías Rigo is a 70 year old company owned by the family’s third generation.




Tasting notes

Clean and bright with orange highlights. Intense on the nose with aromas of rose petals and aniseed. Subtle and pleasant on the mouth, sweet with notes of juniper. 40% ABV.



Artisan Aromatic Gin en Bodecall