Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin

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Premium gin made with authentic strawberries from Huelva
Puerto de Indias
70 cl
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Gin Premium Puerto de Indias en Bodecall


Ginebra Puerto de Indias Fresa

Ginebra Puerto de Indias Strawberry is a Premium gin with a pleasant touch of liquorice and intense aromas of strawberries and juniper that will delight all kinds of gin lovers. The distillery of Puerto de Indias in Seville has been producing spirits since 1885, making it one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in the province of Andalusia. The name is a tribute to the time when Seville was one of the main ports doing trade with the newly discovered Americas.




How it is made

Puerto de Indias is made with the finest selected ingredients. Strawberries and other botanicals are left to macerate in beetroot alcohol. The distillation process takes place in 130 year old traditional copper stills, heated with firewood.



Tasting notes

This is a very special and unique gin, as it is made with authentic strawberries from Lepe, Huelva, the best of their kind in Europe. This gin is sweet on the nose with aromas of strawberries and juniper. Subtle staste of strawberry with delicate touches of liquorice and gentle citrus notes on the palate. Best served on ice, mixed with tonic water and decorated with a wedge of fresh strawberry, to enhance its flavour. It is also ideal to mix in cocktails. 37,5% ABV.



Puerto de Indias en Bodecall