Guanche Honey Rum (Ron Miel)

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Authentic honey rum from The Canary Islands. Made with the finest natural ingredients.
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Ron Miel Guanche Arehucas Honey Rum

Arehucas Guanche Honey Rum is a typical drink from The Canary Islands manufactured by the renowned Destilería Arehucas. Nowadays, it is the leading spirit company in its region, carrying out almost 80% of the total distribution of its own product. Also, it has the honour of being the oldest spirit manufacturer in Europe. Arehucas Guanche Honey Rum is a delicious blend of local rum and a selection of bee honey. Its taste is smooth and suitable for all kinds of palates.




How it is made

Honey rum (or “ronmiel”) with the Canary Islands appellation of origin is made from aguardiente or spirits, vegetal extracts, water, sugar and of course aged rum and honey. This drink is made using artisan methods and is subject to very strict quality controls.




Tasting notes

Dark golden color with golden highlights. Fresh, light, full-bodied and balanced on the nose. Very smooth on the palate, with a pleasant honey taste. Best served cold on the rocks and with a slice of lemon.



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