Chimay White

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Belgian Triple 8%. 33 cl. 33 cl x 24 pack.
33 cl
Abbey Tripel
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Chimay Blanco en Bodecall


Chimay Blanche

Chimay Tripel is a complex and very well balanced Trappist beer, somehow similar to white wine. In the summer of 1850, a small group of monks established themselves in Scourmont Abbey, near Chimay, and built a farm, a brewery, and a cheese plant around the monastery. These Trappist monks began to brew beer to support employment in the region.




How it is made

Chimay White is made with water from the wells of the Abbey. Only the best ingredients are used. The hops are added during the final minutes of the boil and it is then left to ferment in the bottle.




Tasting notes

Dark amber color, with a dense head of foam. Intense aromas of hops and yeast, with sweet floral hints. On the mouth, it is fruity and sweet with dry yeast notes and slightly hop bitterness. Long bitter aftertaste. Best served at a temperature of 10º C – 12º C.



Chimay en Bodecall