Licor de Crema de Arroz Lial

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Delicious cream liqueur with the unique taste of Spanish rice pudding.
70 cl


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Licor de Crema de Arroz Lial

Licor de Crema Lial is an original liqueur, creamy in texture, with the delicious flavour of the traditional Spanish rice pudding and notes of lemon and cinnamon. This original liqueur is perfect for the lovers of the unique taste of this classic dessert. Licores Lial is a distillery located in Granada, Spain that produces excellent quality liqueurs. Lial produces more than 70 original and innovative products including liqueurs, orujos, sherbets and creams.




Tasting notes

Aroma of citrus and cinnamon. It is cramy and smooth on the palate with hints of citrus and a delicious flavour of rice pudding. 15% ABV.



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