Ron Miel Artemi Honey Rum 70 cl

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Delicious honey infused rum made in The Canary Islands
70 cl
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Artemi Honey Rum

Ron Miel Artemi is an exquisite honey rum, made in The Canary Islands by Fábrica de Licores Artemi. This spirit company is named after a famous local conqueror king that united the islands under his rule and died in battle in 1405. Therefore, its name stands for honor, bravey and tradition. This typical canarian product is infused with delicious natural honey.

How it is made

This is a blend of the finest aguardientes and spirits, infused with local honey, natural aromas and sugar. This drink is made following traditional methods.





Tasting notes

Very sweet and pleasant, it is a perfect blend of honey aroma and typical rum from The Canary Islands. It has a dark golden colour, and it can be enjoyed all year long. Best served cold.



Ron Miel Artemi Honey Rum - Bodecall


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