Cacique Antiguo Rum 70 cl

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Limited edition rum from Venezuela. Triple distilled.
70 cl
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Ron Cacique Antiguo en Bodecall


Ron Cacique Antiguo

Cacique Antiguo is a vintage limited edition blend of Premium quality rums. Only 25 barrels are made each year and bottles are hand numbered. Hacienda Sauro makes Cacique Antiguo using artisanal production techniques. The rum is distilled three times in copper pot stills in the brand’s distilleries, and ages slowly in white oak barrels. The recipe has been passed from generation to generation of high profile Rum Masters in Venezuela.




Tasting notes

Bright amber colour. Intense nose with toasty aromas. Persistent and smooth on the palate. Best served in a short tumbler over ice (on the rocks). 40% ABV.



Ron Cacique en Bodecall


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